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06/06/2016 | Poson Festival

Celebrating the day Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka, Poson poya day is much important event and dates back in 3rd Century BC when king Devanampiyatissa was converted to Buddhism by Arahat Maha Mahinda, the son of Emperor Asoka, after which Buddhism was declared the State religion in Sri Lanka. The entire country celebrates this significant milestone, but it all culminates at Mihintale, known as the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, for it is believed to be there that the conversion took place. In fact it is in the Ambasthale Dagoba, the temple in Mihintale, accessible by 1840 steps, that it is in believed that the historic encounter took place. On Poson poya day, many devotees make their way to temple to spend reflective hours in meditation while there are also several sil campai... Read more

06/06/2016 | National Festival of Kites

This wonderful event held to inspire the creativity as well as national unity of the Sri Lankan people, children and adults alike. The kite festival is part of the celebration of World Children’s Day and it is a joyful, fun event which is intended to bring families together in creative endeavours. Since the first opening in 2009 of the Negombo beach park, festival broadening its scope by moving several locations across the country and introducing more competitions such as kite fighting, kite fashion shows, kite workshops, kids’ kite camps, kite film festival and sandcastle competitions. A jury of judges will select the longest kite, the most innovative kite, the best fighting kite, the best kite made of natural materials and a lot more, for the winners prizes will be handed away. The... Read more

06/06/2016 | Arugam Bay Beach Fest

Ranked among the top surfing destinations in the world, Arugam Bay is nestled in the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka providing many surf points and making this amazing location is a surfer’s heaven. The surfing season starts in between May or June with the Surfer’s competitions and Pro Surfing competitions and lasts until October. Once the beach fest over ready to get party and dance all night on the Arugam Bay Beach until you catch the sunrise.

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07/07/2016 | Kataragama Perahera and the Fire Walking Festival

The Kataragama Perahera is an annual festival which last up to two weeks in July or August at the Kataragama shrine. The festival held in honour of the warrior God Skanda – the Lord Kataragama. It is believed that Skanda rested on the mountain at Katharagama after defeating an army of demons. In the past, accessibility to the shrine was very limited and being able to visit the shrine was considered a great honor. The highlights of the festival is the fire dances and fire walkers, also the perehara depicts Hindu folklore, traditional drummers, whip crackers and various dance troupes including extreme acts such some swing from hooks that pierce their skin. All rituals and performance passes generation to generation and everything done to honor God Skanda for saving their lives.

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07/07/2016 | Negombo Beach Fest

Another exciting beach festivals in Sri Lanka held annually since 2009 on the western coast of Negombo is the “Feel Negombo”. The festival attracts thousands from all over the country and cater to both locals and foreign visitors. The festival is full of attractions and entertainment such as street parades, dolphin watching, catamaran rides along with local and international artists and DJs entertaining in the night.

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07/07/2016 | Hikkaduwa Beach Fest

One of the largest beach festivals of its own kind Hikkaduwa Beach Festival or more famous as “Hikka Fest” is Sri Lanka’s most happening beach party will vibrate you to the exciting rhythms of world renown DJs, dancers, and musicians. The event usually takes place over 5 days during the months of July and August. The event will cater to both local and foreign visitors as well as to persons of all age groups with activities such as sand-castle building, movie night to a jazz festival.

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08/08/2016 | Kandy Perahera

The Kandy Perahera, known as the “Grand pagent of Asia” justifiably the most celebrated religious and cultural pageant in this part of the world.  The Perahera is held during the months of July and August every year, to pay respect to the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. As this wonderful event show case Sri Lankan culture and beliefs it has become one of the most awaited event of the year for tourists and its truly offers a fascinating cultural experience. The Perahera comprises of elephants all dressed in their finery, Kandyan chiefs in their traditional royal attire, thousands of dancers, drummers, flag bearers, and Buddhist monks, all walk in procession in honour of Lord Buddha. Thousands of people line up in streets of Kandy to get a glimpse of this extravagant event and to pa... Read more

09/09/2016 | Elephant Gathering in Minneriya

The place where documented as largest known meeting place of Asian Elephants in the world, Minneriya National Park. During the dry season which is at its peak in September over 300 elephants gather each evening near the banks of the Minneriya tank to drink water and graze on the surrounding foliage. The park consists of mixed evergreen forest and scrub areas and that make this park as perfect location for eco-tourism. 24 species of mammals and over 170 species of birds have been recorded here and out Of the 25 species of reptiles recorded in the park 8 are endemic.

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01/10/2016 | Diwali (Deepavali) Festival

Deepavali, also known as Diwali the Hindu festival of lights, is a celebration of the triumph of good over evil and a time when prayers are offered to goddess Lakshmi for the renewal of health, wealth and prosperity. The festival with its origins in India is celebrated by the Hindu population in Sri Lanka during October or November months. Hindus celebrate this event by taking an oil bath and wearing new clothes in addition to going to the temple to make obeisance to their gods. It is also a time of visiting friends and family, carrying the blessings and spirit of the festival. Burning fire crackers too is a significant element of this festival which is open for the participation of all.

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12/12/2016 | Christmas

Christmas is the perfect example to understand Sri Lankans culture and respect they have each other’s religious events. Christian population is much less than compare to the Buddhist and Hindus in the country but preparation for this wonderful day always spread through all over the country. Every stall to the shopping complex Christmas décors has become must throughout the month of December. On the Christmas Eve all the Cathedrals, Churches and little Chapels all over the island become houseful with devotees attending the “Mid Night Mass” to celebrate in union with their fellowmen. On Christmas day most people visit their relatives and invite non-Christian friends to join their lavish spread lunch and dinner. Whole country become party mode and everybody enjoy themselves to the fulle... Read more

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